Educational & Therapy Programmes


The school follows the National Curriculum Statements (NCS) that is being implemented in all schools in South Africa. The main focus at Bel Porto is on the learning areas that are being taught in the Foundation Phase (Grade R to 3) of this curriculum. Most learners do how ever still need support in skills needed to meet the assessment standards of Grade R.

The educational programme therfore includes the following subjects:

  • Receptive and Expressive Language
  • Numeracy and Functional Maths
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Perceptual Motor Development
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Life Orientation
  • Art and Culture
  • Technology Enhanced Learning Systems

The educational aims of Bel Porto School for Specialised Education are summarized as follows:

  • To develop maximum independence and life skills.
  • To attain a level of productivity where the school leaver is able to make a meaningful contribution to his own work environment and the economy
  • To enable the school leaver to be less dependent on government subsidies and charitable organizations.

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapists at Bel Porto support the teachers by running therapeutic groups in and out of the classrooms. They design and make aids and adaptations to enable maximum learner participation in the classroom. They are part of the assessment team and are involved with vocational training.


The physiotherapists treat the children individually using NDT principals. Other forms of therapy provided by the physiotherapy department are horse riding, sports for the disabled and hydrotherapy. They are involved, together with the occupational therapist, in the assessment of aids and seating adaptations needed by the learners in order to enable them to perform at their optimal level. They are part of the admission team and are involved in the initial and ongoing assessment to evaluate the suitability of each learner at the School

Animal Therapy

Certain pupils visit the SARDA facility near Constantia.

Water safety

Learners up to Grade !2 are being taught basic water safety skills in our indoor heated pool. To cover the cost of this programme the school has an Aquatots Franchise called the Bel Porto Aquatic centre where instructors teach babies from 3 to 36 months water safety according to the world renown Aquatots programme.

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