Learner Support

Learner Support

All learners are assessed annually to determine the need for enrichment, extended or adjusted learning support. Learners are grouped in classes where their  strengths are developed optimally.


We have many learners who are not able to communicate effectively. This may be due to a physical or cognitive disability or due to a developmental delay. We address each case differently and devise individual programmes.

We provide non-verbal learners with Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices or programmes.  These could be either high tech (specialised programmes, software, eye-tracking devices, text-to-speech, etc) or low tech (communication boards, visual grids, graphics, pictorial cues).  Where learners have adequate hand function they are taught hand signs.

We have placed computers in all the classrooms for the use of non-verbal learners.  Where needed we use communication software, Clicker4. This enables participate in class discussions and activities.
Child using computer


Learners who have indicated potential in this area are provided with a formal reading programme. We use  the Letterland phonic programme and then progress to more complex work. We emphasise functional comprehension for application in the world of work, whether the open or protected labour market.

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