Bel Porto Activity Center for Development


The old hostel complex and surrounding area is dedicated for Research, Development, Vocational Training and Fundraising within the “Bel Porto Community”.  It is used by learners, educators, support staff and specialists, parents and guardians and the education department.

 The Boardroom

The Boardroom is used during the day as a teaching and therapy unit, particularly as a break-away therapy venue for 3rd and 4th year Speech and Language Therapy students.  At other times it is used as a venue for staff meetings, staff development and training.  It is used after hours for School Governing Body meetings, or as a venue for the education department.

Function room and kitchen

During the day this area is used by learners and educators for various activities, including, inter alia, meetings; cultural activities, particularly singing and other performing arts and other indoor recreational activities. This area has already started to play a key role in the development of the Center of Excellence by being used for meetings, workshops, exhibitions and seminars focused on the development of skills in a variety of areas which directly and indirectly benefit the Bel Porto community as a whole. Much needed Fundraising events also take place here.

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