The Bel Porto Foundation and Fundraising

The Bel Porto Foundation

The Bel Porto Foundation was established and registered as an NPO to raise much needed funds for the learners and their special needs at the school.

 In April 2019, after 2  years of not having a Fundraiser, we have obtained the part-time services of the previous principal, Dr Piet Dorfling.

In addition Dr Dorfling is walking the Camino from Porto in Portugal to Santiago in Spain (approximately 250 Km – fully funded by himself)  from 3 – 15 September 2019. He has offered to do this as a fundraiser to support the needs of our children with cerebral palsy and physical impairments.

Our special projects

  • An electric hydraulic lift for the ablution of children in wheelchairs.
  • Modification of an existing bus with a wheelchair lift for children in wheelchairs.
  • Refurbishment of a donated wheelchair lift to use in the above modification.
  • Playground Equipment
  • Refurbishment of the Activity and Development Center.
  • New aluminium outside doors to replace the wooden doors.
  • Trimming of established blue-gum trees.
  • Automation of access gates.
  • Water harvesting for the Aquatic Center
  • Solar heating to supplement heat pumps in the Aquatic Center
  • Refurbishment of our Farmyard.
  • A champion to drive our Food Garden.
  • Financial sponsorship of indigent learners for school and transport fees.
  • Financial sponsorship for monthly deep-clean of ablutions.
  • Financial sponsorship for Class Assistants in every class.
  • Financial sponsorship of fuel for buses.

For your financial support we offer you an Article 18a Certificate that will enable you to submit it for tax purposes.


The staff of Bel Porto School organise a range of Fundraising Events throughout the year, over and above their classroom duties.  A number of dedicated parents assists the staff with these events.  Many of these events are learner-centered and directly linked with our curriculum, such as Biscuit Baking and selling (Hospitality Studies) and Arts and Crafts (Morning Market).  The 2019 Debutante Ball emphasizes social skills, etiquette, confidence building, community outreach and marketing.

Fundraising Events 2019

  • Debutante Ball – January to October
  • Bellies Biscuits – February (Valentines), April (Easter), June (Eid), October onwards (Holiday Biscuits)
  • Food Fair – March
  • Grapes – April
  • Trivia Evening – May and September
  • The Camino – September
  • Casual Day – September
  • Debutante Gala Event – October
  • Arts and Craft Market – November


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